WindyNation AccuMax Watt Volt Ammeter Power Meter Analyzer Wind Solar RC


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  • Bright backlit LCD display provides real-time DC power information such as Watts, Amps, Volts, Amp-hours, Kilo-Watt-hours, etc.
  • Extremely easy to install. See photo gallery for installation examples.
  • Low power consumption of7mA; Provides accurate and precise system power information; Can be installed in any DC system operating under 50A and 60VDC.
  • Can be used with solar panel and wind turbine off-grid systems, RC cars and planes, monitoring DC Loads, monitoring battery charging, etc.
  • Very versatile: Can be installed anywhere in a DC circuit.
The WindyNation AccuMax Power Meter is an all inclusive DC monitoring system. The AccuMax provides the following system information: Watts, Volts, Amperage, kilo-Watt-hours, Amp-hours, lowest voltage recorded (volts minimum), highest Watts recorded (Watts peak), highest amps recorded (amps peak), and a timer function for recording how long a DC load is on. If you want to know detailed power information on your solar system, wind turbine, RC plane or car, or any other DC device, then the AccuMax Power Meter is what you need. Simply connect the AccuMax between the LOAD (e.g. battery) and Source (e.g. solar panel), and all power monitoring information will be displayed on the AccuMax’s backlit LCD screen.


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